Our Lenders
First Row Lenders
First National FirstLine TD Bridgewater Maple Trust / Bank
Scotiabank National Bank Laurentian Alterna Concentra
Gibraltar FirstLine Access Noble Mortgage Resmor Macquarie

Second Row Lenders
Rates are beacon / credit driven - call your BDO for assistance.
Wells Fargo
Rates are beacon driven - call your BDO for assistance.
Home Trust
Rates are based on property and location. Good for BFS to 90% (600 beacon) or very bad credit to max 75%.
New equity products are here. Call your BDO for details.
Good commercial lender - Contact David Downie for rates on specific properties.
Effort Trust
Based in Hamilton. Good B credit equity lender. Call direct for rate quote.
GE Money
Rates are beacon and ltv driven. Register at www.gemoney.ca to gain website access.
FNF Excalibur
107% product or BFS 1 day. Both require 680+ beacon scores
Rates are beacon driven - call Doug Kenny at 519 200-7101 for assistance.
FNF Commercial
Ed Kaiser, commercial underwriter 1 416 593 1100.
Noble Mortgage
Subprime available. Call you BDO for details.
Interbay Funding
Call your BDO for details.

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