Manthan Bhanushali

Hi Omer, this is Manthan here. I’ve been reading many of your answers on real estate esp. in Canada and they are very informative and helpful. Your wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the industry is very much evident in these! Thanks for that. You mentioned in your profile that one can catch you in one of your public speeches in Toronto. I am currently residing in Dubai, and will be moving in Toronto as permanent resident in November. I want to start investing here locally using some funds that I’ve saved over last few years and would seek guidance on that. Kindly do advise if you will be speaking during early November, and I would love to attend.


Manthan Bhanushali

~~Good Morning Omer,
Thanks so much for the message today and thinking of me.
Luc and I just went and signed papers at the lawyers and talked about how we were not have been able to do any of this without specifically your help.
You saved us Omer, and I (we), really really appreciate everything you did above and beyond what you should be doing.
Thanks for all the advice, hard work, tenacity with the bank and patience.

I love what I do and getting a letter like this makes it all worth while.

~~Hi Omer,

How's it going? I hope you're enjoying this beautiful fall weather.

It's been three years since you guided Heather and I through the process of buying our first home and we couldn't be happier. Now it's time to renew our mortgage so naturally we thought to check in with you before we do anything.

We've done some research but haven't spoken to any lenders yet. Do you have any tips for us or interest in brokering our renewal? We want to keep ahead of the banks and their tricks!



You should always call me at mortgage renewal time to insure best rate and terms

Hi Omer

Congratulations for winning the Chairman’s Club Award!  So prestigious!   Did you know I also won an award – President’s Club Award.  So I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the help in helping me launch my Real Estate career.  I am truly grateful to you Omer. 

Thank you Chris and I wish you well!

~~Wonderful Omer!

I know you have done lots!

I do feel special and well taken care of, as usual :-)

Once all is complete, signed, sealed and delivered, I'll make you lunch or dinner - what's your favourite meal?


Home cooked meal, nice! Take care of clients and they will take care of me.

Hi Omer,

You're awesome. Thanks for sending me this valuation information and the photos. I've received all of your emails. I've been playing phone tag with the mortgage broker but I have the application now so we'll hopefully be able to touch base tomorrow and get that moving as well. I think your valuation is spot on for Lombard. I'm working through the pros and cons of this place so I can determine what, if anything, I would offer for this place.

 As soon as I have things in order with the Bank, I'll reach out so we can talk next steps.

 Let me know if I'm forgetting anything :)


David is from a long line of referred clients, thanks boys for your confidence!



This is to thank you for the masterful job you did in finding me a new condo in 15 Maitland Place.  I also appreciate your expertise in satisfying all of my needs and requirements for the new space.    You made the transition from one to the other so much easier for me with less stress and everything went as planned and on time.   Also, I would like to thank you for repairing the toilet so quickly and replacing the safety bar in the master bath.  Your professionalism, patience, creativity and speed in completing your tasks are second to none.  I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone who would require your skills.




Deborah Myers

Thanks Deborah, it is my pleasure and you made it easy.

Dear Omer,

You have been a pleasure to work with and I'm extremely happy with how easy you made the process and how well you explained everything.

I plan on recommending you to anyone I know that is looking for real estate.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks Joey to you and your friends that purchasethrough me! Great Guys!

Hi Omer,


Tom here from Bosley Real Estate. Are any of the units you have for sale at 77 Maitland Place in the link? I have a buyer wanting to be at 77 Maitland but only in the link portion.

Please let me know.


Thanks so much.



Bosley Real Estate


Not only do clients call me when it is time to sell, I receive a lot of calls and emails like this from agents looking for units for their clients. Why not list with the agent that other agents call when they need help to find a unit?


In case you have any doubt, below is an email I recieved from TD Bank declaring that all their mortgages are collateral mortgages. Before you renew with TD, let me tell you why this may not be good for you but profitable for TD. My one question to TD is "if this is good for the "client", why don't you clearly explain what collateral mortgage means along with the pros and cons!

Hi Omer,


Yes, these would be registered as collateral mortgage like all our mortgages. And, sure I will remove you from the list.




Ali Sayeed

Manager, Mobile Mortgage Specialist

TD Canada Trust


From: Omer Quenneville []
Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2013 3:06 PM
To: Sayeed, Ali N
Subject: RE: SPRING UPDATE: The NEW New Immigrant Policy ---- Are you using TD as your business edge?


Would these be registered as collateral mortgage? If so, you can remove me from your list.


Email or call anytime,


Omer Quenneville

Broker & Sales Representative

Toronto - Hong Kong

Real Estate Homeward., Brokerage

416-725-0882 Cell/Text


Thinking of making a change in real estate? I've already done what you want to do…. Let me help you!


From: Sayeed, Ali N []
Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2013 10:50 AM
To: Omer Quenneville
Subject: SPRING UPDATE: The NEW New Immigrant Policy ---- Are you using TD as your business edge?


Dear Omer Quenneville,


Hope you are enjoying this spring so far. I just wanted to give you an update on our “NEW” New Immigrant Policy. New immigrants can now fulfill their dream of buying a home sooner than later. If they are able to make 35% down payment and show 12 months’ worth of payment, interest, and taxes in their savings account – they qualify for a mortgage without an income confirmation. They can take advantage of the same low rates that we offer to all our clients – please see the attached rate sheet below for our most current rates.


As we all get busy with the spring market, please keep in mind I am always available to take care of my clients – I want to ensure that existing & potential TD clients get the best service possible for a smooth experience. One in three of your clients are existing TD client – please let me know if I can assist them in any way for a better experience.


Please feel free to call me for further clarification or if you have any questions.




Ali Sayeed

Manager, Mobile Mortgage Specialist


When a bank comes to your door to sell you a mortgage, it can't be good!

Hi Omer,


I am excited to let you know about the successful closing of my first official property sale!  I could not have done it without your patience, guidance, occasional jabs.  Thank you!



Helping the next generation of realtors is a privilege!

Hello Omer


I saw your appearance on CBC Marketplace over the weekend about the perils of

bank-owned mortgage insurance protection.  I couldn't agree with you more.  So many people have signed on the dotted line when they are completing the mortgage documents and feel that they are doing the right thing, and do not have any idea about how the plan actually works.  As a SunLife Advisor,  I see this almost every day, and I endeavor to make sure my clients have proper protection in place that they personally own, and that they understand the coverage they purchase.


Greg Fisher               

Peterborough, Ontario            

Mortgage lender insurance is next to impossible to collect on. Just say NO!

An email exchange between two very happy clients!


Hi Deborah - thanks for everything. I'm glad things worked out with your new place. Hope the move goes smoothly.



From: Deborah

Subject: Thank you!

T.J., I have just forwarded June's rent to you and want to thank you both for allowing me to stay the few extra days in June as well as the month of May. The transition will be so much easier with little stress.


It, indeed, has been a pleasure living in your condo and I wish you both all the very best in finding a new home in B.C.


Also, Omer has been a Godsend and I cannot thank you enough for referring him to me.  You are, of course, aware that he did find me another 2-bedroom in the building and I can't thank all three of you enough for that!  He certainly is making my future move almost a pleasure.  He is the best of the best!!!!!!


Again, best of luck in your new home and it has been a pleasure having you and Craig as landlords.





Your referrals are the greatest compliment and I take them very seriously.


You are an Angel sent from God and probably from my Mum in Heaven sent to guide me through all this and I sincerely thank you with all my heart.


I love what I do.

Dear Omer,


You have done a wonderful job for us and we truly appreciate your efforts. Don’t let my occasional bluntness fool you; I truly enjoyed working with you. We are particularly impressed with your statistical analysis and multimedia savvy.


Seriously; I think you’re a great agent and an even better person.


Take care and thank you.





His bluntness made my job easier, I didn't have to guess what he was thinking!

Hi Omer!


Well, as you saw from the emails last night, we closed the deal! Wooo hooo!  It couldn't have happened without your expert guidance from the start.  You always said that getting the right people involved from the start makes a big difference and we both agree. We will definitely pass your name to anyone we know who is looking to buy, sell -- or just beat the banks. ;)


Everyone you put us in touch with along the way were very professional, helpful, and most importantly, available whenever we had questions or wanted clarification about anything.  Tracey (insurance agent) was great in setting up the unit insurance and we'll probably visit her again in the new year to talk about personal savings and financial planning.  Peter (BMO) and David (lawyer) have both been so responsive whenever we e-mailed or called; a reply was always in our inbox before the end of the same day.  We're only just starting to work with Gordon (general contractor) but from our meetings with him, we're confident that the renovations will go smoothly.  He's really proactive and available to us.


Thanks again for all of your help!  The thought of buying our first home had always seemed so daunting a task but you really made the process painless and!  It's been an exciting ride and we're looking forward to seeing the renovations come together to transform the condo into a perfect 10.


- Ted and Heather



I met Ted and Heather through the real estate and mortgage seminars I offer for "improving the first time buyer's experience". They took notes and followed everything I said and as a result, no surprises and very happy clients.!


Thanks Heather and Ted aka William! You were great to work with.

Hi Omer,


   I have another client looking to buy...  renovated or unrenovated two bedroom, two you have any other listings coming up?


 Thanks, Sandra

Homelife Realty


Not only do clients call me when it is time to sell, I get a lot of calls and emails like this from agents looking for units for their clients. Why not list with the agent that other agents call when they need help to find a unit?



Hello Omer,


First of all, I am glad that you wrote.  We did in fact not go with another realtor - we actually had one post the listing on MLS for us at a small flat fee.  My partner was really persistant in me trying to sell privately to save some money - it really was not my idea.  As I suspected it's been difficult to sell on our own simply because advertising the property has been very difficult.  Anyhow, after giving it some time, I've decided that it's probably best to go with a realtor as we don't have the luxury of time to sell privately. It also didn't help that the agency that posted the listing basically did not deliver on what he said he would do and now refuses to redo the listing.  Anyhow, as we don't have the luxury of time to continue on this path, I have since told my partner that at this point I have to change tactics.


If you are still interested in helping to sell the property (and again, I'm very sorry about all of this), I would like to discuss the options with you. I have repainted and the condo is ready to be shown.


Perhaps we could meet to discuss?  I'm not entirely sure of my schedule, but will likely have either tomorrow or Friday off, and am of course free after 5pm. I can also provide some feedback from the very few people that did come through.


Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,




Everyone likes to save money but you also get what you pay for.  Is taking a risk on your largest investment really worth it?  It cost Krista lots of stress, time and several fees, not just the original flat fee,  she had to pay a fee to be released from the "flat fee" service provider.  She did get an offer on her property, 8% below her asking price, I sold the property in less than a week, 1% over her asking price. That’s a spread of 9%.



Thank you so much for everything you are doing.  I am just thrilled with how you have managed to put all of this together, you are excellent at what you do and it is a relief to have someone I can count on to represent my interests in Toronto.


From New Brunswick

Keeping clients satified from all over the world is what it is all about!

Omer…thanks for the link…was very interesting !


I can see that you are very passionate about your job and care for your clients…so I think we would make a great team !


Looking forward to building a great business relationship for 2012 and beyond !!




Peter Larantzis

Bank Of Montreal

55 Bloor Street West

I can help you with all aspects of your mortgage and save you THOUSANDS!

Hi Omer,


The work on the unit has begun! 


I certainly will be letting all my friends know how fabulous you have been, and pointing out the difficulties that arose, and how focused and dedicated you are.  You truly have been awesome, and I really appreciate all you've done for me.   You made a huge impression on me the first time I met you at a viewing in 6o Homewood and when we met in the elevator at 77 Maitland, I took it as a sign.  

Thanks again,




Thank you Dirk, for using my services, I know you had other options.

You impressed my mother,

My mother said you are a very nice man. Even though she has seen you before. She says you look very responsible and serious for business. I want to thank you for brunch and the million things you have done for me.

Next time will be my turn to treat you for a nice lunch or diner.

Take care,



I guess with your charming Mom on my side, I had nothing to worry About!

Hi Omer,


Thanks for your e-mail.  We'd really love any updates you have on any of the sold prices in our building or comparable ones around if you think of it. Not that we're in the market to sell for a while at least a couple more years, but we're just curious. You'll be the first one we call if we decide to sell. I wish we had had you as our realtor on previous transactions.


Thanks again,


Tom and Gary



"It's so important to put clients needs first if you want them to put you first"

Hi Omer:


You showed my listing at 77 Maitland Place.  I know that you market the building a lot.  I would really appreciate any feedback at all.  Condition, price, etc.

Thanks so much for showing the unit Omer and thank you in advance for your time to respond.


Take care,



Sales Rep.                                                                                                                  

Sutton Group Realty


Why not go directly to the agent that other agents go to for advice?

Hi Omer,

We are just back from presenting information about the sale to Bill. He is absolutely thrilled, and asked me to express to you his sincere gratitude for all your work on this. While he knows that the market is no sure thing, he is feeling much less stressed about the future knowing that you are supporting him in the search for a new home. I've also been able to get a very positive and supportive response from his bank in selling and buying - so all in all it's been a great few days.
Thanks again, Omer, and we'll be in touch let us know if you hear of anything promising.
Thanks for your continued loyalty


I bought a condo at 77 Maitland Place with you as my buyer's agent in 2007.  I was impressed with your representation and wanted to have you as my selling agent.  I'm working tomorrow but should be able to return your call if you leave a message. Please call/email me tomorrow to discuss the details, I'd like to list ASAP.


If you take care of your clients, they always take care of you!

"Omer is a very knowledgeable & supportive real estate agent. He is mastering in his field: he is getting the best price for you when you are selling & when buying. Is a real pleasure to come back to him; this is for the second time I am asking his professional services to sell my condo & look for getting a new one. Highly recommend Omer as a very-efficient real estate agent." (Colin Maier, PhD, P.Eng.)



Originally referred to me, Colin has become a very loyal client and friend!

Hi Omer:

You have handled several real estate transactions for my family (we live in 77 Maitland Place).  Everyone in the family speaks very highly of your skills and your ethics!
I hold the power of attorney for a friend who owns in 15 Maitland Place (his condo is in pristine condition - you won't believe how beautiful). While he will be able to return to condo living, we need to explore finding a condo in the building with a different layout. We are thinking of the ones with a front entrance that leads directly into the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. So, we would be selling and buying.
While there is no urgency in this, we would like to gather our information as soon as possible.
Thanks very much for your help with this. Looking forward to hearing from you.
77 Maitland Place
If you put your clients needs first, your clients take care of you!
Thanks guys for your very kind words and loyalty.
I've had the pleasure of working with this family many times in the past.

The last time you sold a property for us we thought you'd outdone yourself but here you go and exceed even that!  The photographs and staging of the property were great!!!!
You not only brought one great unconditional offer to the table but two excellent offers!!!!!!!
Thanks again!!!!
Mark and Edwin, Sold Natalie Place, Riverdale
Thanks guys for your loyalty and kind words. (see you in 5+1 years).
Repeat clients: Maitland to Adelaide to Natalie and now to Deer Run Mississauga

Hi Omer,

Thank you for helping me in getting a beautiful condo which now I call my new found home right in the heart of downtown Toronto.  I was very lucky that I ended up with a very good real estate agent like you.. Working with you was a breeze.. No stress, no pressure considering we have viewed  alot of condos before finding the right one... You also showed that your best interest is to benefit your client which makes it a win/win outcome for everyone.

I will send you some pictures I took of my new beautiful home and will invite you for the house warning once I've finalized a date.

You really do hold up to your reputation  making both real estate and mortgage very easy specially for first time buyers like me.  I will for sure highly recommend you with my friends who I know that are also excited (like me before) in getting their new home

Keep up the good work...

Thanks again and more power !

Gary Siao 210 Victoria Street (Pantages Tower)

Originally I met Gary on the internet, we viewed many condo's

Hey Omer:

So we're mostly moved in and discovering all the things we love about our new home. Thank you so much for  helping us with both the purchase and sale of our new / old homes. Everyone says buying and selling your home is a hard thing to do, but you made it seem effortless.

Karen and Bruce Clark   (Former board of directors, 77 Maitland Place)

I sold them into a unit many years ago, now resold and moved to a Townhouse

Dear Omer:

I just wanted to thank you once again for your help with my recent situation. I originally bought my condo at 77 Maitland Place through you, and you provided excellent service and advice then.  The best part is you have always been a telephone call away for other matters that have arisen to provide any advice or input and contacts to help me out. I have spoken with other people in 77 Maitland Place, and I hear your name used quite a bit in relation to sales and purchases, but also in relation to advice and input in general. In my recent situation, you referred me to Kevin Hart, a contact on your website, and I want to say he was an excellent reference.  He was very easy to speak with and very calming and within a one hour timeframe was able to have a positive answer for me. Thank you Omer for your continued support and friendship – you will definitely be the person I deal with when I am in the market to move.


I sold Will his unit many years ago and continue to be of service over the years

Hi Omer,
Ed and I would like to thank you for all your help with the sale of our investment unit.  Your professionalism and advice was appreciated.
Best Wishes.
Ed and Ethel Spike
Sold an investment unit for them on Maitland, they were referred to me

Thanks Omer,

You certainly proved today that my trust and belief in you was well justified. You ``did good``. You are the best - actions speak. And, you get bragging rights in this community - and I`ll be your biggest booster. Good strategy, good poker moves, and we walk away from the table with our cards, and so they shall ever remain. Proud of you.

Ed and Paul O'Meara 130 Carlton, Carlton On The Park

We Met At An Open House, We Sold His House And Purchased A Condo At 130 Carlton

Hi Omer,

What can we say? This has been one very emotional journey for us. We are happy beyond belief (we both cried we are so happy) What an odd day. You were a bit late showing up to Major Street which let us `hang out` in front of the house for bit. We had the strange encounter with the neighbour who told us that noise was an issue and that there were party houses across the street. The sky was dark and overcast. When we arrived at Olive Avenue the sky had somehow cleared. The sun was shinning. The listing agent was late which gave us more time to bond with the house. The most odd however, was that we had filled out the offer for Major Street and informed the listing agent for Olive Avenue that it was a no go. I will remember forever driving in your car and the cell phone ringing;knowing that it was the Olive Street listing agent calling us back. I truly believe it was meant to be. A huge thank you from the both of us. Your patience with us has been remarkable and you have acted as a true professional. Your negotiating skills are a force to be reckoned with. I will recommend you without hesitation to any house hunter / buyer I know; and I will definitely be calling you if and when we are ready to upgrade to a new property. Cheers and thank you.

Brian Waithe and Chris Campbell

Referred To Me From A Past Client And Purchased A House On Olive Avenue

Dear Mr. Omer Quenneville,

Thank you for every thing. The sale of our apartment became possible because of you. Your experience, contacts and hard work turned around the whole situation and the unexpected became a reality.

Thanks again,  Leela Gudka

Investor/Owner 77 maitland. Didn't Have Much Luck On A Previous Agent

Thanks Omer,

This is excellent news and it feels great! I`m very happy to have had the offer come in so soon after listing on MLS. I`ll keep the cork in the champagne bottle until the conditions come off, but I`m very pleased with our progress so far. Thanks for your help so far. As you know I`m still in Vancouver until the end of the week but am always reachable if you need anything else from me.

Aaron Hepplestan

Sold His Condo At 77 Maitland Place

Dear Omer.
I just want to tell you that I am very grateful to you for helping me with the sale my condo.  You promised me that I was going to be ok and everything turned out fine as you said, thank you. If there is anything good for sale in 15 Maitland or 38 Elm, please let me know.  Muchas Gracias. P.S. You were like an angel to me. You helped me when I needed it the most.
Oscar DeLaMora
Sold 38 Elm, Was Unsuccessfully Previously Listed With Another Agent

Dear Omer,
Thanks again for all you have done. You got us the house our dreams on Natalie below listing price and you sold our existing condo on Adelaide above asking price.  I don't think anyone could ever ask for more from an agent.  All we can say is "Wow!!!" You're the best in our books!!!! 
Sincerely, Marc Desrochers & Edwin Rodriguez
Repeat Clients, Sold Maitland And Adelaide And Bought Natalie

Hi Omer

Thank you very much for all your help. It has been such a painless process with all you`ve done. If I find myself wanting to move again - you`ll be my first call.

Regards, Norman Hunt

Sold 77 Maitland And Purchased Another Condo Located At 17 Pembroke

Hi Omer

Just a short note to thank you for representing us on the sale of our condo in Celebrity Place. Your marketing skills and your advice were both instrumental in the property selling quickly and at a very fair price. I will recommend your services if I hear of anyone looking for a good real estate agent.

Mike Elliot

Former Board of Directors, Sold 77 Maitland Place

Dear Omer,

I really appreciate the time you spent speaking to me on the telephone last night. You were very patient and a pleasure to chat with. My husband thought that I was on the phone with a friend. When I told him it was a real estate agent, he was floored. He couldn`t believe that you took so much time to speak to me about our search. I certainly feel more positive about buying after speaking to you. ``I`ve looked a thousands of photographs of properties on, and the pictures for suite 1421-77 Maitland really stood out. When the only information you have about a property is specs, great pictures really make a difference. Not only did the property look bright and inviting, the photos showed the unit to its best advantage. The exterior and lobby shots were also very appealing. I can honestly say that the quality of the pictures compelled me to contact you about the property. I look forward to receiving the listings by email.


An Internet Caller

Hi Omer,
Phil and I would like to thank you so very much for all your hard work and guidance through out our search and the purchasing of our home. Once we get the place up to snuff we hope you will join us for a drink. We will most definitely be recommending you to all our friends. Thank you again, 
Susanne Kitchen and Phillip Jolliffe
Originally Referred To Me, Now Repeat Clients And Bought A House In Scarborough

Hey Omer,

Happy New year; Long time no run into each other.  I have a client interested in purchasing in Celebrity Place… I was going to show another unit yesterday but it’s sold cond. ….. anything else coming up that you have in there?

Brian, Real Estate Sales Representative

Royal LePage

Other Real Estate Agents Choose Omer Too!

Hi Omer ,

I work with Royal LePage and am wondering if we may be able to work together on this opportunity... I have a qualified buyer-client that wants to purchase a condominium unit at 77 Maitland Place (Celebrity Place) with a closing date in April. We`ve seen everything currently available but neither of the units is suitable at this time. I see that you`ve listed or sold suites in this building in the last year or so and thought perhaps we could work together on helping both my buyer and your potential seller. If you should happen to know of anyone, perhaps a client of yours, that is thinking of selling, I would be happy to work with you on this. Whether it be a regular listing or perhaps an exclusive listing. This would be a very quick sale with few conditions. My clients list of ``wants`` is rather small. A two bedroom with laundry ensuite, in reasonable condition, at a reasonable market price. Ideally, he`d like a SW exposure, but this is not mandatory. Similarly, he would entertain the idea of a suite without the laundry ensuite as long as the hookups are roughed in, and the unit is priced accordingly. If you think you may be able to work with me on this, I can be contacted through my office or by email. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Dale, Real Estate Sales Representative

Royal Lepage Real Estate

When it comes to expert advice, agents seek me out as well!


Omer Quenneville
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